8 Simple Steps to Keeping your Jewellery Looking New October 31 2015

So you know that feeling when you're strolling down the street, early morning sunlight glinting in your eyes, your new dress swishing in the light breeze, you're rocking in the free world sister!

Top 10 Most Inspirational Blogs August 26 2015

Who could forget Sex and the City’s Samantha and her obsession with men and sex, the woman had an insatiable appetite for it. Now that’s pretty much how I feel about jewellery, I’m a complete addict! And it doesn’t stop there…..oh no, fashion, travel, art. music, lifestyle, food… ok you get the picture.

4 Easy Ways to Accessorise with Colour June 12 2015

Summer is here - yay- and it's time to get some colour on. There are some fab colour mixes around this season and successful colour wearing is all about getting the right balance. Whether you're heading off for a weekend break, a night out with the girls, a summer event or simple a day in the office, I've put together some ideas that will make you shine.

How Do You Define Luxury? April 22 2015

So I was buying my tickets for the V&A's Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the weekend, super excited I don’t mind telling you; and I noticed one of their other Spring shows kicking off this week What Is Luxury? which explores the concept of luxury and showcases luxurious items from the past, present and future. Looks like I’ll be camping out at the V&A at this rate, a luxury in itself, but it got me thinking about what is luxury and what does it mean to us these days?