The best DIY gemstone facial for health and wellness

What I love about gemstones is their versatility; many semi precious stones aren’t just used to adorn us in jewellery but to help with our wellbeing and health as well.

I’ve recently discovered Gua Sha.  A DIY facial treatment that uses a rounded smooth-edged crystal tool which comes in different shapes and is used to massage the face to ease out muscle tension while invigorating and illuminating your skin. If you’ve heard of or used a jade roller, Gua Sha is its more effective sister.


Usually, made out of rose quartz or jade, the crystals also add a healing dimension, as Chinese medicine believes them to have medicinal properties. Rose quartz is used to promote youthfulness, and invokes love and desire. It’s good to use in the morning as it engages with our heart energy and body clock. Jade on the other hand is meant to help cleanse toxins, soothe the mind and promote prosperity. It can be used morning or evening because it balances the yin and yang.

So how does it work? Gua Sha literally translated means ‘stroke rash’. Best used with your serum, moisturizer or oil, smooth the stone in upward motions from your clavicle to chin, then up and out along your jawline, over cheekbones and from the centre of your forehead to your hairline. Go gently around the eye area. You might want to store the stone in the fridge so it's cold and apply the broadside to your under-eyes.

The right pressure with the tool creates a red flush and brings heat to the surface of the face, and can even look quite severe, as the skin turns to a deep red. If you’re trying this at home, practise your technique before you crank up the pressure too much. Afterwards, your face should feel plump and smooth and you should feel warm and relaxed. It’s also recommended to drink plenty of warm water following the technique.

The Gua Sha healing technique is understood to help move life energy (chi) around the body, and is said to help reduce inflammation and alleviate chronic pain. Go why not give it and go and hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do!

Note: Gua Sha is safe for everyone unless you’ve had recent surgery or are taking blood thinners. If you are pregnant, you should consult an expert before doing a Gua Sha treatment due to blood pressure.

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