Get it right - how to buy jewellery for your Valentine

At Jitterbug Jewellery we're always on hand to help clients find the perfect piece of jewellery for their love one for Valentine's Day and we understand the challenges. Questions and hesitations are common place—hearts or no hearts? Earrings or bracelet? How much should I spend? The dilemmas of giving jewellery can be a bit stressful.

So we’ve put together a few helpful tips to consider and how to approach the hunt for that special gift for your favourite person.

How do I go about finding a great piece of jewellery for my Valentine?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day make sure you keep it personal.

It's not so much about grand gestures, unless of course you’re intending to propose, but more about giving something more thoughtful for Valentine’s Day. Pay attention to her style. Don’t give her jewellery with a heart if thats not her thing. Maybe she’ll want a delicate silver necklace or a stacking gemstone bracelet because that suits her style more. Consider what jewellery she already has and build on that.

Should I go for heart-shaped jewellery? 

Again its very much down to personal style, there will always be people out there who will only consider heart-shaped things and heart motifs which is great but there’s no reason to be limited to that. Lots of people steer clear of hearts because it’s not the right style for their partner and they might find it too cliched.

What do you recommend?

If you’re not into hearts, consider red and pink stones instead. There are some beautiful pieces out there that offer lots of different looks depending on your style preference.

Our Aura and Fenn multi strand bracelets in a mix of gold and silver are real eye catchers and look great with a simple t shirt and jeans or cocktail dress.                               

 Aura & Fenn Multi Strand Bracelets/Anjuna Silver Lariat Necklace -

What’s also unique and individual is our Anjuna silver and gemstone lariat necklace. It’s playful, colourful and can be worn multiple ways, simply tied, wrapped once around the neck or wrapped and tied. A great versatile piece that’s cool and fun.

What’s another piece that says 'Valentine' 

Our Chi Chi silver cluster earrings would be another go-to for a Valentine’s Day gift. Capturing the vibrant colours and exotic essence of Marrakesh, they are a great way to add a touch of sparkle to a casual look and won’t break the bank.                   


What makes the best gift—necklaces, earrings or bracelets? 

When it comes to necklaces or earrings, you only get to see them in the mirror in the morning when you put them on. A bracelet, however, you get to look at all day long. When you’re working and when you’re on the phone, you can admire your thoughtful gift and be reminded of the person that gave it to you. Our Soho Kyanite and Tsavorite Silver Cuff is one of our favourite picks for Valentine’s Day. Its super stylish and a perfect way to add a subtle pop of colour to any outfit.

I'm overwhelmed by the choice out there - what should I do?

If you are trying to source the right gift and are torn between a couple of things, go with your gut and make sure you tell your partner that you couldn't decide and struggled with the choice. She'll love to hear that you took time out of your day and put real effort into it. It shows you're super thoughtful and it will mean a lot.


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